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Ovi Maps: Importing text into the Description tag of the saved landmarks

Hey everyone,

I have an enquiry about the optimised use of Maps. When I travel, I usually explore new cities by saving all points of interest in Maps and then, when I'm there, by having Maps show me the way from one to the next. I also have a txt file in which I write a description of each landmark, to read when I am near it. However when visiting a large city, I noticed that it gets rather tiresome going back and forth between Maps and the text editor. Which is why I thought of placing the text in the Description field of each landmark.

The problem is that I did not find an interface that allows one to copy text into the Description field of the landmarks, using a PC-mobile connection. I could, of course, manually type the description for each landmark using the phone's keypad, but obviously this would take a long, long time.

Has anyone been in the same situation and found in what file(s) in the phone's memory the Descrption strings are found, so as to write directly to that file? I wrote a test string into one landmark's Description ("abcabc") and then searched the contents of all files on my phone for that string, but found nothing...

Thanks in advance for any help!