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It should be interesting to see what happens if haptics can be localised to particular parts of the screen. At the moment it's a very general kind of feedback.

The discussion of how the vibration feedback feels is very interesting too, I personally don't like the way haptic feedback currently feels like it's tickling you but if it could be made more clicky I'd probably be a lot keener on using it.

“Developers should not be saturating their applications with haptic effects,” says Dennis. “Feedback needs to enhance the user experience and overuse certainly won’t achieve that. Provide too much feedback and the user will probably turn the feature off.
Absolutely, it's great that a haptic development company realises this.

I turned off the default vibration on my 5800 and the loan N97 because I just couldn't stand it being present for every single touch, but I do appreciate the occasional vibration from things like switching it on or alerting me to a call in silent mode.