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yes your right. this is a puzle. in India also the BB 8700g is for the same price. but then again it has much less features as compared to any other BB type phone. So is it worth spending that much on it.

here in India, i have another problem, if i buy the BB8700 & then want to exchange it later for another phone, i'll be left with half the money Blackberry's) have a very bad resale price in India. (Maybe i can put it up on ebay..but nothings for sure there)

If i buy a E61 or something then if i dont like it, i can atleat break less money & buy the BB8700 then.

But i love the BB8700....its seamless email service is just waht i need and to top it off,...its perfect stable OS.
Plus i dont think the E61 has the BB client installed & its not yet released by nokia i think. No point buying a E61 without a BB client & then too my network here should support it also. But if they support N9300/N9500 & SEP910i, then i guess this will automatically work.
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