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had a HUGE problem wit 7650 this weekend

posting this for a coupla reasons, 1)to let people know in case it happens to them and 2)so i can prevent it from happening again, apologies if it has been covered before but i didn't find anything in the search
with that being said......i woke up on saturday morning and i went to check the time on my phone and the phone suddenly said system error and the screen disappeared and i mean there was nothing there just a screen that lit up. i constantly tried restarting it and each time i turned on the phone there were a lot of blue lines but not the normal screen, i knew the phone was working fine because i could still hear it taking pictures or playing ringtones, i left it for a day and then put in the charger and switched it on, the phone eventually came on and the screen was there but it was messed up, when i went between the normal screen and the menu the phone would crash, finally i uninstalled the newest program i had put on which i assumed was the problem and that was screensaver and after another 25 minutes the phone was back to normal but i still don't know what caused it to crash like that, does anybody have any ideas or was it a freak of nature? by the way im runnin v3.12
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