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Wow, looking good.

Hi Guys,

Thank you for the thanks, but you don't have to it's nice to share and learn at the same time also. I'm glad they were of use to you Rob and others visiting the page.
I love your skin to, easily readable and usable to.
The problem I've found is sometimes the background can blend in to much with the icons and make it difficult, but you've got it just right.
That StiWulf skin is a great one to as you have found, cracking colours, futurstic looking and just right to modify to taste. So hence I must say a thank you to the creator also, bet he's a graphical designer maybe?
Did you make that background also? If so I've already got that one, but I've taken the Apple away for a future skin. The girlfriend loves Backham so may have to play around making one as a surprise, give's me more practice also. Anyone got one made football orientated maybe?
I'm going to download your skin & icons now and have a play, like you though it gets a bit tiring late at night.

Speak soon, Keep on skinning :-)