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Angry Same story here

Originally Posted by robertsveridian View Post
I perhaps foolishly updated the firmware on my N73 to v4.0735.3.0.3 RM-133
Indeed everything on the phone runs faster now. However it is now impossible to use Bluetooth to a MacBookPro as the phone will no longer pair with a macintosh. It will par with a normal windows machine.

Since the effect took place immediately after the firmware upgrade was performed, and everything was fine before this, my assumption was that this was a Nokia issue.

The only reason iSync does not work is that the Buetooth layer will connect but not pair. Nokia blames Apple & Apple blames Nokia. If anyone from Nokia is reading this the only software change was a nokia firmware update, nothing on the Mac which was previously working fine has changed... So anyone using a Macintosh who needs bluetooth and is considering a Nokia should probably consider another handset manufacturer, because neither company is in a hurry to fix this.
MacBookPro 15" Mac OS X (10.5.4)
N73 was working perfect with iSync, did the update ON THE N73 ONLY and it stoped working. IT'S A NOKIA PROBLEM ! ! ! ! Nokia sent me an e-mail where I was informed that a plug-in from the europe site was needed and that I should install it in my mac. Looked for the plug in in the link that they sent me and guess what. No plug-in exists for the N73.

Nokia, I'm waiting for the N97 to come out, this would be my 7th nokia phone, but if I´m not able to sync my N73 I WILL NOT BUY THE N97. I will not buy a product that could give me problems on working with my Mac. You say it's a mac problem, well explain why this started to happen just after the update on the N73.

Mac users, be aware of this problem please!! I also found this issue in a mac forum and in Nokia´s forum. No solution has been found in any of these forums.

Black MacBook OS 10.5
Nokia N73 system updated april 30, 2009