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Jack of all trades?

What was the X6 aiming at?

The core music application of a music phone has a memory leak and can't handle an audiophile's music library.

Video consumption?
This comes to mind considering 16:9 screen and stereo speakers.Sadly though, the screen scores a 0 on sunlight legibility,Nokia don't collaborate with Corecodec's Coreplayer to have a video player which plays 720p videos out-of-the-box on my E63 and still stick to the rusty old Real player.

Not quite ,since Symbian has always been a touch-me-not UI.There was nothing much to click on a non-touch Symbian phone.Symbian,sadly,feels dated on touch devices.The whole purpose of touch screens is to do the task at hand the fancy,intuitive way.Nokia could have done better if they specifically designed a UI that runs on top of Symbian(eg.Touch flo).

'Capacitive goodness'
Seriously,the X6 is nowhere near capacitive touchscreen heaven.Pinch zooming?Multi-touch? All these are unheard of in the X6s spec sheet.

No excuse if Ewan or any other person on the planet took it, the photos scream Cheap lens,compromised optics.

Fash/Glam crowd
The X6 has quirky and somewhat questionable looks.The 'tube' 5800 looks better,sturdier.