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Originally Posted by MangalPandey
Hi All,
I have recently bought a SENDO X here in India.It has some old firmware.
It shows following information in the about box
Release IG
IG: Vodafone UK 1.11

It looks like unlocked Vodafone to me.
I want to install a new firmware. But from the posts that I have been reading in this forum , it looks like it is not safe for me to install the new firmware considering that there wont be any service center here that can fix the phone if something wrong happens in the installtion process.
Can somebody suggest if it is safe to do this installtion. If yes then considering the above release information suggest a suitable firmware.Please give the url of the firmware and the exact process to install.
It is safe to install the latest firmwares. Very few people have had any issues with getting the firmwares to load. (maybe 10 issues out of the 1500 + downloads we've had)

Grab the latest firmwares off (you may want to wait till later today, as our ISP is having problems right now) and install whichever version you want. All the firmwares are unlocked to work on ANY phone.

Just make sure you follow the rules!

1) Delete ALL themes / fonts you have installed on your phone
2) Select the Curves theme as your default
3) Backup your phone to memory card / PC
4) Reboot your phone while holding down the 5 key to reformat it
5) Update to new firmware release
6) Reboot your phone while holding down the 5 key to reformat it
7) Restore your data to your phone