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Thumbs down Firmware for E90

I am another user that has been trapped by Nokia's upgrade () system. The origional FW did not work with the BT keyboard (Norwegian) and the first upgrade after this fixed this problem. Everything worked very well. The next upgrade ruined BT and the radio. I "upgraded" once more to 400.34.93 expecting a correction. This did not follow and many of us are now without BT and get a boot upon inition of the radio function. Even worse is the fact that we are not offered a chance to return to older FW. The really tragic experience was the absolute silence from Nokia inspite of many contact attempts. I have learned to live with the E90 without BT; it is in fact a very good apparatus. But, my confidence in Nokia is gone. The latest signals from Nokia about cutting out Symbian and switching (perhaps!) to Meego do not support optimism.