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Originally Posted by jApi NL View Post
The Mocca Brown I bought new back in 2007 . With keyboard touching the inner screen . FW 300xx . The Black I bought recently second hand . With no touching keyboard . FW 400xx .
My main device is still the Brown . I use it daily (heavily) for 2.5 years now . Second battery . The marks on the screen can be seen best , when the screen is black , with mirroring backlight . After cleaning the screen from grease - soft wetted cloth , with little soap and little alcohol - a few scratches still can be seen . While in use it doesn't disturb at all . So never had the keyboard exchanged . Actually , maybe I'm used to it , I find typing easier than on the Black . However the D-Pad of the Brown is more stiff .

About Vulcan Death Grip - four finger method :
1) power OFF
2) press and HOLD : green + * + 3 keys
3) press and HOLD : power ON key
So HOLD all four keys in the described order untill the device comes really visually alive , like prompting a text .
When VDG is sucessfully performed , you will see the prompt for setting the device to Country , Language , Time , Date , etc .

When this prompt isn't showing , try again .

Regards jApi NL
Thanks for taking some time out and answering much appreciated...

Performed the Vulcan death grip as you instructed.. the phone asked for location and date etc and all my alarms etc were gone so I think it was successful.. The BT and Radio probs are still the same though.. Thinking more and more that it might be a h/w issue like that Filipino forum said.. waiting for Nokia to get back to me before I go to Nokia Care centre..


EDIT: Just found a code on another forum to check the BT.. *#2820#.. when I enter this code the phone gives me this message: "Bluetooth device address:" and nothing infront of the :

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