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Smile Brown And Black

The Mocca Brown I bought new back in 2007 . With keyboard touching the inner screen . FW 300xx . The Black I bought recently second hand . With no touching keyboard . FW 400xx .
My main device is still the Brown . I use it daily (heavily) for 2.5 years now . Second battery . The marks on the screen can be seen best , when the screen is black , with mirroring backlight . After cleaning the screen from grease - soft wetted cloth , with little soap and little alcohol - a few scratches still can be seen . While in use it doesn't disturb at all . So never had the keyboard exchanged . Actually , maybe I'm used to it , I find typing easier than on the Black . However the D-Pad of the Brown is more stiff .

About Vulcan Death Grip - four finger method :
1) power OFF
2) press and HOLD : green + * + 3 keys
3) press and HOLD : power ON key
So HOLD all four keys in the described order untill the device comes really visually alive , like prompting a text .
When VDG is sucessfully performed , you will see the prompt for setting the device to Country , Language , Time , Date , etc .

When this prompt isn't showing , try again .

Regards jApi NL