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Originally Posted by jApi NL View Post
I've got 2 E90's here . One on FW300 , one on FW400 . Both working fine . I suppose you will have some software corruption . Try the Vulcan Death Grip to get rid of all old software . See my post here :

When you have extra applications installed on the Memorycard , remove the MC from the device before . The manipulation is somewhat fiddly , so you might need to repeat it a few times .
After booting up , first check if Radio and BT are working again .
Then reinsert the MC .
It's recommended NOT to reinstall Settings from the Backup , as it may contain the corrupted files . Do settings manually all over again .

Regards jApi NL
Thanks for the reply.. I backed up my phone/memcard.. then formatted the card and *#7370# the phone.. nothing improved.. then I tried reinstalling the firmware twice.. still no improvements.. I came across these instructions (in Filipino i think?) which say the Bluetooth module has to be replaced.. but my BT worked fine before f/w upgrade? Can a f/w cook the BT module somehow? I dont think so? What do you think?

Oh and I tried the "vulcan death grip" several times but nothing happens.. will I get any visible indications/warnings that it worked?

Thanks so much for your advice and help.. I mailed Nokia and waiting for their reply before I run off to the local Nokia Care.


Edit: Also jApi NL which keyboard is this? In the ABS review of E90? I have the same KB and its started to leave marks on the screen.. can I get a lower UK KB from Nokia for free? and possibly another screen? Can Nokia Care change the firmware of the phone to UK so it matches the UK keyboard?

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