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slideIT is much better

the word suggestion system of dasur is better with no silly small pop-ups and prediction is much better with "sloppy" swipes than swype.
though i like the keyboard skin of swype.

BTW there's a great method to write on DASUR which i made up myself(sure other people might be doing it already its no rocket science)
try using your both thumbs to type like a regular qwerty except the following thing in mind...
say you want to type "because" then i follow the following little "non-swipe technique"
1.right thumb on b
2. then without removing the right thumb from b put left thumb on e and then remove your right thum from b
3. slide your left thumb to c
4. then slide left thumb to a
5. now without removing the left thumb from a put rt thumb on u and then remove left thumb from a
6. again keeping the rt thumb on u put left thumb on s and remove rt thumb from u
7.slide left thumb to e

it looks a little tedious on reading but its hell fast-combines with the auto-correction feature of DASUR its faster easier more accurate and less tiring than regular QWERTY and the swype method too. may require a little paragraph long worth of practice...