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Just to copy and paste my comment from that site onto here (hope that's OK):

Trouble is the poll only offered the options you editors chose. It didnít allow a section for users to suggest their own alternatives.

Given these poll results it only goes to support the view that it should be possible to insert a spare battery Ė this can double the useful life of the phone between charges (or triple etc depending on how many spares one wants to carry). The N8 is clearly an issue here. I am not against the reasons why Nokia have made the N8 battery non replaceable Ė I see itís a tricky compromise between case size, protecting the electronics and reducing return rates, but I sincerely hope that some enterprising third party makes a replacement end piece for the N8 that has push in clips in place of screws so that swift battery replacement is possible.

There is currently a real issue with the N8 if one is out all day away from a power source and doing videoing, pictures, GPS, sports tracking, browsing, you name it, and the battery runs out.