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Originally Posted by Wookie-HTID View Post
Wow - thats all i can say really lol.

I installed v20 last night, which i must firstly point out is fantastic! No keypress bug, quicker boot times and general response times! WOW!

Well done Nokia!!

But the icing on the cake was when i had a free demo game of "FIFA" on my phone, ohhhh gosh!! How brilliant is it!

Looking at the graphics here and what can be done with this phone, im truly excited about the N-Gage release next month, just when i thought my N95 couldnt get any better, and then this.

*bows to the Nokia gods*
I agree - it's great, BUT ...

... the Bluetooth SUCKS !
Drop-outs all the time - PC, headset, GPS.

*Kicks Nokia gods up the a$$*
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