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Hi morden!U german?Anyways welcome to ngage ownership,these phnes rock!For starters,yr smart phne uses an active matrix display of which an intrinsic characteristic is bright dots,discoloration etc,its natural since the display contains multiple switching elements to control display.U'll need jesus to perfect that,so Worry not!Change icons?Possible with installed application like launcher or personalised icon producer(if u want 1,post & ask me)motion background?Stil u'd need to instal an application(drat,i forgot d name,i'l get bac on that.)game transferal(tho i havent tested it)shd b done by an app calld instantsis bt yr mmc wil have to b in a mates phne then u tooth him the game to store on mmc.Errm,bout dotted pictures(damn,u love old school?Bet u clad air force 1s!Hehe)i dunno much bout em,am not a flinstone dude,mo like jetsons!Hehe,no offense.Hope i was helpful.On3 love.