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Unfortunately, the beast will never learn. It'll just throw lies and money at aything to which it turns its hand.

The good thing about the SPV and Microsoft Smartphone in general is that it is achieing the complete opposite to what it's done in the PC arena.

If you think about it, the people who choose Windows over Linux do so because of compatibility and ease of use. I know that Linux is getting easier to configure, but it's still not as intuitive as Windows.

Now anybody has used an SPV will tell you that it is more like Linux than Windows in that it's just full of menus and registry hacks just to get things to work. Applications lack the ability to do the most basic things (for example, photo applications don't let you configure folders for your photos, so you have to get your hands on a file explorer). If you want to run software from a memory card, you need to get your hands on a registry hacker. if you want to have photos of callers, you have to buy a caller ID application that takes up 1Mb of execution memory and slows down the phone.

But does this mean that Microsoft is defeated? No. Does this mean that Microsoft will fix these problems? No. What it does mean is that Microsoft will try anything it can to force people to do what it wants by telling lies and throwing money at the situation - who knows, they may even try and buy SyncML! ;-)

Don't trust them. They can afford to lose a few battles.


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