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P1i Does not Sync in Phone Mode


I have finally upgraded my beloved P910i after 2-3 years of Exellent performance with the new P1i. Here is some Info about the phone's software:
Phone: CXCX 152037 R9J005
Bluetooth: CXC 162143 R1D
Organizer: CXC 162108 R6F41
CDA: CDA 162108/9 R17A

Unfortunately The new P1i would not Sync with my PC (HP xw6400 Workstation, Win XP Pro SP2, Outlook 2002) in phone mode. It works fine in File transfer mode, but that is not enough to transfer all the data from the old P910i to my new phone. I have also MS ActiveSync for my HTC P3300 on the PC.

The problem comes CDC Comms Interface that does not install properly. There are no drivers found on the CD that ships with the P1i.
No matter how many times Uninstalled/ Installed the software and the one from SE Web Site, Disabled Firewall etc - CDC Comms Interface drivers will not load. Even if you do driver update from Device Manager it does not find any on the Soft CD.

The funn part of it is that the phone will sync pefectly with my old Acer Laptop that is running the same software. I did not wanted to install the Old P910i software neither ActiveSync on my laptop in case tat is the reason P1i not to work.

But the whole situation is just inconvinient I can not have my devices Syncronized on one mashine. Have you guys encountered that problem? And if someone has tell e how youy got around it.

I am going to try to copy the drivers related to CDC Comms fromn the laptop and put them on my PC and will update you on that.