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Version 4.0723.2.0.1

Official Nokia changelog

Known problems
Not yet known

Known fixes
Not yet known

New problems / regressions
The focus sound (when the viewfinder becomes green) is early by a second, also the camera sound is earlier than the flash
There is a cursor blinking in the pop-up baloon when getting\dialing a call
Camera viewfinder in primary and secondary quality is worse, a bit snowy

You can now exit the Music Player, as on the N95
FOTA (firmware over the air) support added
A2DP (stereo bluetooth) support added
All editions now feature the music player from the Music Edition handset
Snakes has been removed from the firmware (available to download from
New Internet Icon (which houses the Services, Web and Download)
Image quality in night mode improved (no more "blue haze")
Preview window in White Balance is finally working
Overall faster menu reaction
When you want the messages to be on the MiniSD instead of the phone or vice-verca, the phone now asks "everytime" if you want move them, unlike before when there was no confirmation
Updated version of Real Player
QuickOffice updated to version 3.8

This firmware is available via Nokia's online update service at

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