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Version 3.0649.0.0.1

Official Nokia changelog
Implemented Improvements between 3.0638.0.0.1 and 3.0649.0.0.1
Audio – call waiting: Very quiet call waiting tone.
Audio – headset: Headset hissing noise.
Audio – tuneplayer: Unhandled aborts.
Browser – Security: RSA signing vulnerability.
Browser – OSS browser: OSS browser will not release memory after browsing several pages even after History turned off.
Bluetooth – UI: BT UI stops responding after pressing right softkey twice fast.
Call – establishment: "Call Not Allowed" displayed when attempting to make a call.
Call – Video call: "App closed: Video call" is showing after the alerting video call is interrupted.
Camera – stability: Camera freezes after taking picture.
Camera – Video Recorder: Video does not shut down when slide closed.
Camera – Video Recorder: Recorded video suffers from visible mains flicker.
Camera – Video Recorder: Video recording saving sometimes fails.
Contacts – voice dialling: name is mirrored when the contact is in Hebrew.
Gallery – Icon List: Wrong toolbar icons in gallery when started with video as last taken item.
Gallery – Review: Review key does not open media gallery.
Gallery – Zoom: Cannot zoom more than 50% in Gallery.
Memory – free memory: Gallery crashes when exiting from free memory.
MMS – Images: First thumbnail not shown when inserting image into MMS.
OMA – Device Management: 405 is returned for REPLACE command. (CMCC)
Phone – Stability: ASIC causing reboot.
Profiles – Silent mode: N73 failed to power off when the profile was set to “Silent”.
Settings – Say Callers name: Reboot happening with combination of 3D Audio, MP3, Say callers name and 3D effects.
Settings – Settings wizard: wrong region info in setting wizard. (Taiwan)
UI – Active Idle: Bold text in active idle.
UI - General Settings: Cangjie input method is not available to choose in phone general setting option. (China)
Visual Radio -basic functionality: Volume cannot be muted with IHF.
Voice command – voice tags: Problem creating new voice tag.

Known problems
Not yet known

Known fixes
Not yet known

New problems / regressions
None yet known

Not yet known

This firmware is available via Nokia's online update service at

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