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Version 3.0638.0.0.43 - INTERNET EDITION (China / Hong Kong & Taiwan only)

Official Nokia changelog
Not known, based on the 3.06838.0.0.1 and 3.06838.0.0.30 firmwares

Known problems
Same as version 3.06838.0.0.1 & 3.06838.0.0.30
Can't turn off camera sound (use the Silent profile instead)
SMS received time is occasionally wrong <- Under investigation

Known fixes
Much better music player application, now with Album Art
Font and colours changed throughout phone
You can now delete un-retrieved emails without Messaging crashing

New problems / regressions
None yet known

The Media Key reverts to "standard" behaviour
MSN, Yahoo & Gmail links (applications) included by default
A new Internet Edition only theme

This firmware is available via Nokia's online update service at

NOTE: This firmware is "newer" than the standard and Music Edition firmwares, so you are not able to revert your phone to nomal / music editions after applying the Internet Edition firmware.

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