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Version 3.0638.0.0.30 - MUSIC EDITION

Official Nokia changelog
Changes/improvements made to MCU SW version 3.0638.0.0.30:
- New features:
- New integrated music player with:
- Enhanced controls.
- Album art support.
- Visualisations.
- Balance, stereo widening, and loudness settings.
- The AD-41 key presses are handled by additional SW components which run the N73 Music player and Visual Radio applications.
- New music theme titled “Stave” which will be the out of box default.
- Core Software Comparison:
- The N73 Music Edition utilises the same core software as the standard N73 device and is therefore unchanged in functionality. All RF signalling remains totally unchanged and is common to both the standard N73 device and the N73 Music Edition.

Known problems
Same as version 3.06838.0.0.1
Can't turn off camera sound (use the Silent profile instead)
SMS received time is occasionally wrong <- Under investigation

Known fixes
Much better music player application, now with Album Art
Two new themes
Font and colours changed throughout phone
You can now delete un-retrieved emails without Messaging crashing

New problems / regressions
None yet known

It is now impossible to close the Music application (this is by design)
The Media Key now launches straight into the Music application

This firmware is available via Nokia's online update service at

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