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heh, use a P990i here, and did use 1and1, they said that because it is a shared exchange, the can not disable it due to security reasons or something along those lines.... funny... I don't know much about exchange, but doesn't each user have an individual policy? sounded more like that they couldn't be bothered :( cancelled my account with them and am with mail2web instead.

anyway, I did manage to disable it on the P990i, not sure if it will work on the M600i, but worth a try I guess.

kill exchange activesync and syncscheduler with SwissManager or SwissManagerPro
disable the lock
fire up exchange activesync

I found that by doing that, exchange activesync would not try to enable it again, maybe because that it remembers setting it to enabled, and leaves it at that only stopping you from disabling it whilst it is running. stays unlocked even after rebooting phone, or should it decide to reboot itself at sit at the pin prompt without warning :|

before, I had to kill exchange activesync just to be able to use the GPS software properly, now I can use both

hope that works for everyone annoyed with the forced lock, and that it just isn't my phone being nice to me for once lol