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Version 2.0628.0.0.3

Known problems
Bluetooth connections drop unexpectedy
Can't delete emails - application quits
Gallery, Calendar, Contacts, Log don't close completely
Memory leaks occur in Gallery, Calendar
Poor FM radio reception

Known fixes
Fix for ‘Opening’ message is displayed and gallery locks up (General)
Repeated BT device search results in "No BT device found" message (General)
"SIM card registration failed" note pops up sometimes when network is lost (General)
Improvement to Slow PDP attachment (Orange)
Improvement to Call Divert Flags (Orange)
Updated UA cenrep file for T-Mobile OSS UA Header requirement (TMobile)
Updated active idle plug-in (H3G)
Application installer does not install all Vodafone apps (Factory Improvement)

New problems / Regressions
MP3s not available as ringtones in the Profiles application - they have to be set from within Music Player
Backup / Restore to memory card doesn't work properly. No data is restored
Phone occasionally crashes while playing MP3 files

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