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I have file but must have more file is 1 teorie how themes but I don't know this work :

teorie this there but must friends in phone n6600 to download file

1take psln file in z:system/app/psln(folder)
2) take psln.dat in z: system/data/psln.dat
3) take psln00 in z: system/libs/psln00.dll
4) series60skins suport in z:system/instal/
5) the skin folder in z:system/skins

1copy/paste psln(folder) to c:\system\apps
2.copy/paste psln.dat to c:\system\data
3.copy/paste psln00.dll to c:system\libs
4.copy/paste S60SkinSupport.sis to C:\SYSTEM\INSTALL
5.copy/paste skins(folder) to c:\system

I have only 1 file S60SkinSupport.sis