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I've tried iremote and it didn't work... the installation installed well, but when you launch it, it said that this phone is not supported...

Unfortunately, my IRDA stopped working, i'm not sure if it is consecutive or not, but i have some doubt that removing this app remove some piece of software that drive irda functions...

I put my ref in the dedicated thread, but no niew for the time being.... it is a bit long now!!
I believe there is a mix between two pb :
-the irda "red light".."visible" throgh plastic transparency/short battery life (???)
-the REAL irda pb when it don't work, like in my case: THIS IS THE PB!

Let me propose a way to check software : one guy with a working software under last version could list all the files he hold on the sendo, on a pc,... I mean by using a file editor, listing all the hierarchy, all the folders and all the files, in order to compare a non working irda sendo x to check if all the piece of software are there... or if anybody knox directly where to check?...please let me know!!!
For other problem solution or piece of soft missing it should work?

What i can insure is that my sendo has never been hurt nor dropped, and therefore i can not think it is an hardware pb, i principally rely on a piece of soft missing...