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Question Problem with update firmware (crazy)))

Well my phone jump prom table on the flore :(
Result of that is my sx1 does not work properly....
When i call somebody he restart when i go delete somebody from conctacs he write error " system error".
Whell now i decide to update firmware SX1 maybe OS is damage or something like that.

Problem 2.

I download update i press middle button and on screen is message " SX1 softwear update coonect USB....." it ok a install driver from directory where is update.exe..... but my phone in apli is not found device not found....
Before 2 days before i start update firmeare i connect my sx1 true the USB on my PC whell my PC found him.. on SX1 is symbol for USB but there is no conection...
I AM really really angry now.. and what can i do now....
Last wish is go to my mobile sevice.

Hel me...