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New: Smartner Duality Always-On Mail

Smartner have announced the availability of their corporate aimed always on (push) e-mail solution. Smartner Duality Always-On Mail brings all the key components that users are familiar with when using Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes at their desktop and pushes them, over the air, to their PDA or Smartphone.

Author Notes from Handango:

  • Duality Always-On Mail enables you to manage your email via your Sony Ericsson Smartphone, in real-time, wherever you may be.
  • View messages in real-time, receive data on Sony Ericsson Smartphone and desktop simultaneously
  • Display read/unread status, sender, subject and received date
  • Sort mail list by sender or received date
  • Delete, reply to sender, reply to all, or forward a message
  • All actions mirrored to desktop view in real-time, over the air
  • Display and edit original message on replying or forwarding
  • Apply basic text edit clipboard operations (cut, copy and paste)
  • Receive attachments in native format, e.g. Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF.
  • View, save, edit and send attachments as if at a desktop
  • Configurable message truncation download size from 0kb (subject line only) upwards
  • Truncated text and attachments rapidly downloaded, when requested, in the background
  • Identify and add addressees from contacts list
  • Resolve incomplete email addresses using Contacts
  • Save messages to drafts folder

Duality Always-On Mail is as simple as switching the devices on. The software handles all communication issues automatically.
Alerts as new mail is received; no need to poll for new messages
Work on or offline; no need to remain in constant mobile coverage
Network connections established and maintained automatically
Full real-time, bi-directional synchronisation over the air
Option to remotely suspend the service temporarily
Data compression, typically 2:1 size reduction, reducing the cost of GPRS traffic

Duality Always-on Mail keeps your emails fully secure.
128 bit, end-to-end, AES encryption
No "over the air" key exchange
Entire message, not just body text, is encrypted
Duality can only be installed by the relevant authorised email account user
Corporate security not compromised by additional open firewall ports

Easy Installation and Support
Duality is simple to install, involving minimal disruption to the network, security and email infrastructure to be deployed.
No requirement for information security team or IT manager involvement
Installation on standard Windows 2000 or XP workstation
Install in 15 minutes
High user familiarity with applications and hardware
Minimal support and training overheads
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