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Here is a fact, in my group of friends and people I see often, lets say 20 people, 2 years ago, 10 of these (like me) had a Nokia N95 or 95 8GB, a couple had the old iPhone, and the rest had old crappy phones like S40 etc.

Today, this same group of people, 12 of them now have iPhones, 4 of these are 3GS based on seeing mine, 3 of them still have their N95 8GBs, but will be replacing with iPhone soon. The thing you gotta remember is this, the people that 2 years ago had the N95s are getting iPhone, BUT so are the people that had the crappy S40s.
Sure, and two years from now they'll be getting whatever's hot whether that's an iPhone, a Nokia, an HTC or something else.

I think that's one thing people miss - just how much of the high end is driven by fashion which is a very fickle beast indeed.