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>Yes, because the 5800 as just one example was only one of or the most popular >touch smartphones in the UK and elsewhere, has been one of Nokia's most >successful devices anywhere, got rave reviews etc, and was the most popular >music player of ANY sort in the UK.

As it ought to have been given the massive coverage it got/gets and the crazy cheap price of the thing. The Comes with Music clearly helped, but don't Nokia lose dosh on each and every one of those?

>And you're comparing smartphones with smartphones, right? Wrong. If you're >going to make that comparison I can say something like Nokia are pounding >Nokia on cheap mobile phone sales because their S40 line outsells their S60 line.

And of course when you get to talk about market share later against iPhone, you will conveniently ignore that a large part of Nokia's numbers are made up of crappy little low end or mid tier handsets that just HAPPEN to run S60, on 2" screens.

>This is utter myth and rubbish, not borne out by facts.

Ah, facts, they are great things :-)

>Nokia smartphones have 38.9% global market share (and as high as 80% in >egions like Asia Pacific, the global total being dragged down by the US which is not

Ah, there we are. How much of this % is for the low end crap?

I would love to see a comparison between high end Nokia stuff, N97 and Mini for example, vs 3GS.

Here is a fact, in my group of friends and people I see often, lets say 20 people, 2 years ago, 10 of these (like me) had a Nokia N95 or 95 8GB, a couple had the old iPhone, and the rest had old crappy phones like S40 etc.

Today, this same group of people, 12 of them now have iPhones, 4 of these are 3GS based on seeing mine, 3 of them still have their N95 8GBs, but will be replacing with iPhone soon. The thing you gotta remember is this, the people that 2 years ago had the N95s are getting iPhone, BUT so are the people that had the crappy S40s.

When did you last use an iPhone (3GS) for a week? And before you brand me a fanboi, I currently own an N97 mini, and have had 2 N97s recently.

>the moment it's trading solely on hype and most sales are in the US where they >don't know any better.

Android certainly is not "there" yet, but the increase in market share is stunning, and the support from Networks is strong.

Consider this, O2 in the UK for example offer the iPhone, the Android Samsung 7500, and the Palm Pre, but do they sell the N97 or N97 Mini? nope, and if you were Nokia, that really ought to worry you.

>No thanks. Admob data shows only what phone is accessing mobile internet sites >displaying Admob ads. There is a significant disconnect between that and actual >handset sales, especially as for multiple reasons (like iPhone owners having a data >plan forced on them) iPhones, Android etc get more used for web access.

Hrmm, I don't suppose it could be that accessing the web from iPhone and Android is about a million times nicer than an N97 could it? Look, I go online with my lovely new N97 mini, and about 20% of my screen is covered with a pop up I can not get rid of! If I need to access a quick web page I would think nothing of using the iPhone to do this, saves getting the Macbook fired up, but I would never bother if I only had the N97, it is not in the same league.

BTW, I am deeply sorry that I have to write this, as you will see if you have a look at my blog, I am really a Nokia fanboy, trying NOT to like the iPhone so much :-)

>Apple, usually, as just one example.

Yep, and people queue for bloody hours to buy one, daft buggers.

>You're sure of that are you? I thought sales had been pretty good, and it was >mainly a few ignorant bloggers bitching about it.

Oh, best not look at :-), at least I am not American.

>Don't get me started on the numerous considerable drawbacks of iPhones vs >Nokia smartphones. Cost being the immediate one that kills potential iPhone >market share.

Seriously though, have a go, stick to 3GS though. Cost? N97 unlocked 500 ish, Apple iPhone 32GB 540, that includes a year unlimited data and wi-fi that the Nokia does not, so surely about even?

>Well, I've seen actual photographs of Elvis living in a bus on the moon, on the >cover of the Sunday Sport, which seems a tad more reliable evidence to me.

You know, Elvis is alive, and he has a Nokia smartphone with a decent email client that is easy to setup out of the box, and when you read the email it does not look like something out of the 80's.