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Originally Posted by Satish View Post
According to the specs,the Nokia N95 has no optical zoom.What is optical zoom??
Optical zoom does exactly what it says on the tin; zooms in using optical methods. That is to say, by moving lenses to change the way light reaches the photographic recording surface (film or, in the case of digital cameras, CCD) it makes a small area of the subject fill the entire area of the picture. Digital zoom, by contrast, makes the picture seem bigger by interpolating between the CCD's cells, making, in effect, a best guess. Hence optical zoom is much better at preserving clarit and detail.

From my understanding without optical zoom , you are unable to zoom in on pictures after you have snapped them.Is this correct and true??
No; optical zoom happens before the picure is captures. Once it is saved you can play with it as you will with software, and I assume the N95 will allow you to change the displayed size of captured images; if it doesn't, and I can't imagine why it wouldn't, it's a software limitation and nothing to do with optical zoom.