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Forum a bit outdated...

I got a bit of a complaint. I think the forum is kind of outdated.

1: There are 2 new nokia series 60 phones announced (6260, 6630) some time ago and there are still no seperate forums for those phones
2: There is still a Samsung SGH D700 forum, while it is clear that this phone is cancelled. A D710 is announced.
3: The P910 is announced so it could have its own forum (or shared forum with the P900, but since it was only released this week I can understand why it still isn't updated...)
4: The BenQ P31 is announced as well, and could get a shared forum with the P30 IMO

Well, don't take it personal Rafe, or any of the mods, but this is just the way I feel about it. Perhaps any of you guys could update the forum...

Anyone feels the same?
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