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Unhappy Nokia N8 upgrade to what? 808,920,ip5

Having had my Nokia N8 for almost two years now I am still struggling on what to upgrade to. When the Pureview 808 was announced I was pretty set on going for this despite it being on Symbian and the drawbacks that would entail. I waited patiently till the summer then the bombshell of no operators offering it on contract.

Buy it outright you say but 440 is a lot of spondooly and so I am considering alternatives. As noted on another thread the 808 is availabe from but I know nothing about them and having been with Orange for, ugg, 13 years my contract there is pretty good.

So yesterday I excitedly looked at the new lumia phones hoping that an element of pureview would be in one of these. It is but as has been pointed out it is not the same technology and in my opinion my beloved N8 would still out perform the 920. I am left underwhelmed by the 920 and am back to considering my mobile future.

So if the iphone5 were to be announced with a camera that compares to the N8 I may with heavy heart be temted to jump on the tree fruit party bus.

So what do you suggest. Look forward to your opinions.