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Hi N/A.

The Y-Tasks can do it yes - but only in the signed version from ovi that costs €2... and surprise surprise I don't have / need credit card and I won't be getting one for a ovi store app. I think it was all for the best.

Y-Browser allows to change the associations within the browser and when I got mp4 files associated with DivX player they would not play.

Moral of the story is - DivX player never took over the file associations coz it cannot play mp4 files.

Last night I found the helix player project and I have noticed that they have the version 3.0 available for my Nokia N73 - everything was sweet till I didn't realized that You need to be registered / logged in to download their apps... Eh ok. I have registered quickly. One more step... confirming the e-mail addy. I received the e-mail and clicked on the link and was asked for a login and password...

Home > Error
Access denied

Credentials you entered do not correspond to valid account.
The same credentials entered in the next tab are giving me errors about account waiting for e-mail validation so they were fine. 3 different browsers / Copying pasting of the validation link... Changing the password to something simple / stupid... I tried to get this working for 45 mins last night and gave up... (I have registered with multiple sites / forums before... I know my way around registration processes...)


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