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Originally Posted by khkai
I found that when you uninstall a software, then use the Filemanager to check your memory, there are still folders of that software. I have no idea why this still remains. That means that using the uninstall isn't really completely cleaning the memory of the software, just like windows software...very annoying. Is there a better way to uninstall software?

Another problem i have is that I cannot find a way to uninstall my SciCalc!!! it isn't listed in the uninstall section. I'm panicing!

Ok, here's my last question, when you get a new MS Duo, do you just plug in the current 16 meg Duo into your computer, copy everything into a folder, then plug in the new Duo and copy that folder into it? Then would you get everything from the 16 meg onto the new Duo and everything will work just dandy? Please tell me if it is this easy, or do we need to reinstall each software separately over again.
I have the same problem