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Originally Posted by nikhil2005arora
My Ngage is behaving rather strangely lately. When i go to profiles and select the ringtone, be it Mp3 or midi or Wav it seems to be rather loud, as it should be but when i have selected the tone that i want and try calling it from another phone the ringing volume is very low.

It was not like this before. It was working fine for few months, there is nothing wrong with hardware as it is loud as usual when selecting tones or playing them individually using the built in recorder application. this problem only started few days back.

1.) it is not set to ascending volume.
2.) firmware 4.03
3.) tried without the mmc card by copying the tone into c: drive
4.) removed dBprofile.db from c:\system\profileapp
5.) format *7370# at least 6 times.
6.) tried deleting most files out of C:\ and D:\ and then *7370#
7.) everything ELSE works just fine except this !

my question is, after formatting the only source of operating system files are from the ROM Z: drive. is it really possible that the ROM copy of the dbProfile.db source has been corrupted ? or the firmware is generating corrupted copies of the dBprofile.db every time i format. it also generates new copies of the dBprofile.db everytime is just delete the dBprofile.db and SOMETIMES the volume gets back to normal, but if the profile application is opened and closed the problem comes again.

Any of you guys here facing this problem ?

thanks in advance.
Hey nikhil,

Its quite possible that the dBprofile.db is corrupt in your cell. If you have installed a software recently especially a ringtone/sound related software, then uninstall it. If it doesn't get fixed, take your cell to an authorised nokia service center and request them to install the OS again, this should rectify the problem.
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