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Originally Posted by fingermouse
can anyone tell me how good tom tom 5 works on the nokia n 70, do all the features work, any niggles??? would be great to hear from anyone that could assist i looking at buying this week.
I have been using TomTom Mobile on my 6600, and TomTom Navigator
on my Qtek S100 Pocket PC, and I can tell you it works REALLY well
on the Nokia N70!!

Smooth and fine, and it is noticebly faster than the N6600 in rendering
and zooming, and planning and recalculating routes etc...
Comparable to the Qtek S100..

Also, a lot of the extra addon voices of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Darth Vader
etc. which originally was made for the TomTom Go300++ did not work on
my 6600, but does indeed work on my N70!!!

So all I can say is TomTom Mobile is a really great product, and works really
really well on the Nokia N70.!!

PS! If you need recommendations on GPS, I would recommend the
Holux GPSlim 236! (Just make sure you get the latest fw.3.1.1
and serial nr. 526-xxxxxx-xxxx or later) It's the best GPS out there!!