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Okies, you have all got me confused here. Is there only one version of the original N-Gage? I live in Australia & the N-Gage I have takes SD cards ONLY, I can't see how you'd fit an MMC card into it.

Just to make sure there's no difference in terminology between the hemispheres, here MMC (MultiMedia Cards) are the larger thinner cards (about the size of the screen on the N-Gage) & SD (Secure Digital) are the smaller postage stamp sized cards.

Strangely, at the shop where I bought it the poster said it took MMC cards up to 128MB, but upon getting it home & opening it up discovered it took an SD card. This was a bonus as I had a digital camera with an SD card that I seldom use, put it into the N-Gage, formatted it & it came up as a removable drive in windows explorer when the USB cable was connected to the N-Gage. Copied a heap of mp3's over to it & they played fine on the phone. The card is a kodak 64MB SD card.

With the back of the N-Gage open, the battery is in the centre, the SD card to the top right & the SIM card to the bottom right, is this the same as the N-Gages in the US & UK?

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