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I Found the beep came from the radio transmitter counting down to shutdown - if you are not playing anything the radio transmitter will shutdown after time period of inactivity and indicates with the `beeps` this is normal - (I think its about 30 seconds) - I tried to use radio transmitter via car bluetooth for sat nav - the only work around I found was to record a `silent`short loop which you can play in music player in backround so transmitter thinks its playing something.Having done all that I gave up on the idea because the general reception of transmitter was so poor that it made using the stanav really hard work. Although I have not tried since last firmware upgrade (v21)

Hope this helps


Edit:have you an external aux jack included within bluetooth - I have not tried this but theoretically you could get audio from N97 by connecting aux jack to 3.5mm headphone socket on N97

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