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Originally Posted by N/A
And you seem to misread, or are unable to understand, that most apps what you "get" for free is pirated or illegal even if you don't know it (or choose to ignore it).

Because there is only a small handful of non-commercial, free S60 apps, the likelihood is quite high that anything free you "get" or "find" on the various Internet sites you visit is illegal.

As I said, if you just post a list of application names that you have obtained "for free" that way, I will tell you which actually are pirated and illegal. Very simple.
Ok .. one last post ..

Like I said, I dont need to qualify to you anything that I I said I know exactly where all my progs and apps come from I dont need somebody to tell me, and you dont seem to understand that it is possible to obtain apps and progs legally for just need to know how to go about this ... I will give you one example...and this is to sign up to be a Beta tester with development companies .. thats just one instance .. there are many more ....which like I said in my first post if you know how to go about it and know where to look then you will get Legal copies for FREE...

Ok .. now do you understand ....
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