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Originally Posted by Ratkat
You do not need to change the product code with NSS prior to flashing with Pheonix, the product code will be changed automatically by Pheonix dependant on the firmware you choose.

The idea of changing the product code using NSS was to allow people to upgrade their 'branded' phones to a 'non branded' firmware using the official Nokia Update Service (NSU). For example if you had a Vodafone N80 and connected it to the NSU you would be told there were no updates, once you had changed the product code using NSS it was then possible to update to the latest firmware using NSU I can delete the part about NSS ?...this is the way that I did it and thats why I wrote the guide like that because I know it works .....

I didnt try flashing without prior changing the code, so I didnt write the guide like that..

In any case it doesnt harm the product, and the firmware will then be chosen automatically for you ... maybe a little easier for people who are not too technically minded perhaps..
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