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Originally Posted by g@n95 View Post
How do I connect my N95 to my home network so I can share files and use my network printer and other usuall networking stuff.

I can connect my phone to my router and connect to the internet on my phone, but i cant see my phone on my PC or my shared PC files on my phone.

Is it possible to do this? Do I need extra software installed on my PC/Phone?

My phone's software pack came with "Home Media Server" which sounds like the program to do the job but that dont seem to work on my pc (i tried downloading it again from their website but that dont work either) i can install it but i cant open the program to use it (but this is probably somthing to do with my pc).
Your phone has the sofware installed (I believe it's called "home network" available in "Tools".

You're Win XP PC needs either "Home Media Server" or "Windows Media Sharing" enabled (comes with f.instance Media Player 11 i think). You can use either one. You won't be able to access your printer though. Only specific files/folders which you set up to share.

Rather than repeating all the necessary steps here I suggest you follow the instructions available on their website (for "Home Media Server" that is). See section "Getting started" or "Device Quickstart.." on

The site also provide a fairly good forum for "how-to" and troubleshooting.

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