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Originally Posted by lovesign View Post
And why is that, PAL?
Simple answer, change of product code changes the region of the product and lose the 3G band.

If you are in North American (RM507, 850/1900/2100) and want Asian characters, you need firmware/product code from RM505 (900/1900/2100). Change the product code to RM505 loses 850 band and 900 band will not work either.

It has different hardware inside. Nokia's program designer didn't think about everyone.

There are many different immigrants from different countries to North American. They need the phone (3G) part, but they also want to read MP3 tag in their original language because that's the music they listen to.

JAF is a power tool to flash Nokia even when it's dead. You can pick any part of the firmware file and flash it as you like. NSU is smart and great program, but not good enough imo.