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Thumbs down Pity about the phone


Vivaz Pro sufferer here

They put all that effort into designing the case, and then forgot that it had to function as communication device.

Let's take this point by point on the "consumer experience"

1) When you first get the thing, the operation required to remove the back to insert your SIM feels like you're going to tear off the QWERY keyboard

Not good.

20 You get it fired up and then, oh dear, you' re in menu hell. Hey, I want this thing to use WiFi when available because 3G data charges are a pain ain the wallett. What dies this thing do by default? Yeah, you have it. 3G.

In fact they seem to have take n thi as a design principle: "What's the stupidest combination of settings we could have? Ok. That's the default."


Now, let's move onto my main irritation.

Battery life.

24 hours to charge

3 hours to discharge

I kid you not.

This is the worst performing device I have ever used.

Every time I think I've found a reason to actually like this thing, it semms to go out of it's way to find a better reason for me to hate it.

However, the clincher is that it seems to have to spend 4 hours charging for every hour you use it.