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Nokia e71 call log issues


I just got the Nokia e71 and have a few questions about the call log. Is there a way to jump from a call log entry (whether it's an incoming or outgoing call) directly that caller's contact in the phone book? I ask because if the call came in from that person's mobile and I want to call him back on his home phone, it would be nice to be able to quickly bring up that person's contact right from the log. (This could be done with my previous Samsung Blackjack with Windows Mobile).

Also, the call log entry does not tell me the phone number of the caller (if that caller is one of my contacts), or whether its from that person's mobile or home phone number. It just shows the name, date and time. In order to see the phone number I have to go to Options - Use Number - Edit, and then I can see it. And then I have to find that person in my contacts and see whether that number is the cell, home, etc. Am I missing something?