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Handango Reviews are Bias!

I have been a Handango member for some time now and have reviewed several products over the past 2 years. I have never seen a negative review that i have submitted get posted. The last review I wrote was for TETRAEDGE Games' Atlantis Redux for Symbian S60. It just wasn't a good product, it was too short and I finished the entire game in a matter of minutes. So I wrote this review warning other would be purchasers:

I finished this game's 2 puzzles within minutes after purchasing it. It's not that I am a puzzle genius or anything, it's just that the puzzles were very simple to solve. This game is too short. This should have been the demo and the remaining chapters for purchase. I would wait until the release of chapter 2 before purchasing this title.

As you can see I was very careful to stay within the Handango guidelines for product review submissions:

1. To write a review, you must have used the software.

2. Reviews must fairly evaluate the functionality of the software. To make reviews helpful for other customers, please support positive and negative evaluations with details and facts.

3. Reviews that discuss price might not be posted. Because the price of an item can change, please use general terms such as 'great app for the price' to address the value of an application.

4. Reviews that discuss bugs in the software might not be posted. These reviews will be forwarded to the software developer instead of posted.

5. Please do not include any URLs, phone numbers or postal addresses.

6. Reviews that mention competing products or Web sites other than will not be posted.

7. Profanity or obscenities of any kind are prohibited.

8. Derogatory comments on any race, religion, political or social group are prohibited.

9. Reviews that discuss customer support might not be posted because many factors influence a customer support experience (spam filters, incorrect emails, etc.). If you need customer support, please contact Handango Customer Support.

It seems to me that Handango makes it a practice to refuse negative reviews and only post positive ones. What is the point of having a product review section if you are going to pick and choose the reviews it posts? Handango should stick to the rules for reviews that are posted on the site and refrain from adding they're bias censorship.

Today I received this e-Mail from TETRAEDGE:

Dear customer,
Thanks for having bought the first episode of ATLANTIS REDUX for Symbian S60.
However, we realized this first episode was a bit too short and we decided to repack the 1 in 1+2 ....
Please, download for FREE using the link below.

My review sure would have been valuable consumer information! It's really too bad that Handango decided that the consumers (their members!) didn't need this information!

Bad Form Handango, VERY BAD FORM!

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