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Originally Posted by N/A View Post
You cannot copy anything to Z:/resource/fonts as it is ROM (Read-Only Memory) and updated only through flashing a new firmware version to the device. You can only read files from the Z-drive (but not from a PC; only from a file manager app on the phone).

You can use C:/resource/fonts (phone memory).

You can also use E:/resource/fonts which can be a secondary mass memory or a memory card.

You can also use F:/resource/fonts which, if the phone has a secondary mass memory, the memory card in that case.

I'm very appriciated. Thank you.

My second question:

I have a phone N70, it uses gdr format font. I want to install Laos Font in my phone. I used Easy GDR Creator to create font from ttf file (OpenType and TrueType), and copied font to C:/System/Fonts folder. My phone had read the font, but it could not display the Lao characters. Latin characters were ok.

Dont know while!

Can someone help me? thanks.