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Try this.
Go to:
Menu > Settings > Connectivity > WLAN

If you see a list of available networks or a message saying no networks found, the scanner is still active. In this happens then go to:

Options > Settings and then set Show Wi-Fi availability to never. This completely deactivates wi-fi scanning.

I have it turned off and I put the "WLAN SCanner" widget on one of my homescreens which makes it very simply to activate/deactive without having to go through 10 menus.


I forgot to add, do you have email set to check?

If so open the email then go to options > Settings > your mailbox > Sync Frequency. Set this to manual and if you like you can set to check between 6AM to 6PM.

My WLAN stuff only activates when I want it to. Do you have Bluetooth active if you are not using it as this can drain the battery too.

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