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After selling the N97, as has been mentioned before, I just wanted simple(ish) hard working device, with a no nonsense approach. I DID like the keyboard on the N97, so wanted a k/b on my next device. Did look seriously at the Desire, but felt it was lacking a few key features, so decided against it. In the end , went for an E72, and so far, it does it all rather well.

I think with phones like that, then Symbian works really really well, but with the N97, it just didn't quite pull it off.

AS Rafe mentioned, there seems to a shed load of phones out there right now, but to me, they are very much of a muchness, nothing to choose between them, and right now, I can't be bothered choosing, there's is nothing that is truly outstanding - like the N95 was when it first came out.
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