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This was a great quarter for Nokia, and there's no denying that. However, let's not get carried away here and declare that all is well. They clearly are selling more lower-end phones (look at the 'numbered' phones vs. N-Series). While their average selling price has stabilized, it is still lower than a year ago. What's happening is that the "dumb phone" market is being supplanted, slowly but surely, by the smartphone. It's no surprise. Even today's feature phones are more powerful than the smartphones of 2003. Nokia has the pieces of the puzzle in place, but they need to get it together and keep it together if they want to challenge in the high-end again. Symbian^4 and Maemo 6 can't get here quickly enough. Ovi Maps is now a "free" feature, so Ovi is still in need of a coherent strategy to generate software revenue. Plus, iPad creates a new question for Nokia. Should they or shouldn't they make an effort at this market?